Naka - Vital Greens


  • Ginseng to help energize.
  • Chlorophyll to detoxify & deodorize.
  • Nutrients & botanicals help with digestion.
  • Superfood Complex to aid pH balance & help stop cravings.
  • Take just one liquid tablespoon a day!

For optimum nutrition, nothing beats the health benefits of juicing vegetables and fruit each day. Produce juiced at home is simply the best way to ensure optimum nutrition. However, most Canadians just don’t have the money to invest in the type of juicer that would effectively press all the vital nutrients from the food. Furthermore, it can also be very difficult to find the time to select, purchase, wash, cut, and juice this produce each day. When you choose Vital Greens, it’s like investing all of the time and money you would have to spend on vegetable juicing into a simple bottle of healing supplements

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