Vogel Absolut Arnica Gel

Vogel Absolut Arnica Gel

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Proven remedy for osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis symptoms? A.Vogel Arnica gel relieves osteoarthritis pain in the knee and hand. Efficacy without the side effects of synthetic painkillers.


  • Provides a high concentration of Arnica. Organic cultivation certified by Bio Suisse

  • Traditionally used to soothe muscle and joint inflammation with the associated pain due to sprains and bruises.

  • Provides symptomatic relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis in the knee and hand.

  • Fast acting.

  • Fresh Scent

  • Non-Greasy

  • Medicinal ingredient: 50% fresh Arnica tincture: 5 g gel contains tincture of: Fresh Arnica (Arnica montana L.) flower* (1:20)...2.5 g, equivalent to 0.125 g dried flower. Non-medicinal ingredients: Ethanol 94%, purified water, glycerol 85%, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. * Certified organically grown by Bio Suisse

    Each g of gel contains: 500 mg of arnica flowers (arnica montana).

    External use only: Adults and children over 12 years of age: Apply a thin layer to affected area 2-3 times daily, or use as a compress. Avoid rubbing. 

    Scientific studies

    23 men and 53 women suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee participated in a clinical study on Artosan arnica gel.

    The efficacy and tolerability of the gel was evaluated using the WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthitis Index) scale. The researchers noted a significant improvement of symptoms. 69 (87%) patients rated the product as very good and 76% mentioned that they would use it again.(4)Two German studies show the efficacy of arnica gel. The first one evaluated muscle soreness after intense exercise (5) and the second one, varicose vein symptoms.(6) Another study gauged arnica ointment after carpal tunnel surgery. Compared to placebo, the product significantly reduced pain after 2 weeks.(7) A multicenter, randomized double-blind study involving 174 patients suffering from polyarthrosis of the fingers showed that the efficacy of A.Vogel Atrosan Gel® with the active ingredient Arnica montana is identical to that of a gel with a five per cent concentration of the synthetic analgesic ibuprofen.(8)