Suro Elderberry Extract Tincture 59ml


Take 20 drops in water 3 times per day

300mg organic Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis).NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS:
55% cane sugar alcohol.

SURO® tinctures are highly concentrated plant extracts.

The elderberry tincture contains all the concentrated health benefits of elderberries without the added sugar. Effective as a preventative remedy in fighting cold and flu symptoms.

Elderberries are proven* to have anti-viral properties. This elderberry tincture is therefore particularly useful when you are exposed to viruses.

Wether you are traveling to a foreign country or you’re in a closed environment deprived of fresh air (airplane, many offices), why not give your immune system a hand and help ward off colds and flu.

The elderflower tincture is ideal as a preventative remedy or at the onset of seasonnal or environmental allergies. It is also available in an alcohol-free formula



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