Prairie Naturals Blueberry Greens Force


Each serving of antioxidant-packed Blueberry Greens-Force contains 100mg of BlueMax blueberry extract and 1000mg of organic blueberry powder! Why blueberries? Because while Greens-Force meets today's demands for immune enhancement, energy requirements, protective nutrients and overall good health, the blueberry ingredients in Blueberry Greens-Force are loaded with important bioflavonoids & powerful antioxidants that work on slowing down the aging process. Greens-Force and NEW Blueberry Greens-Force are easy and convenient to use. Taken every day as a morning drink, the ingredients combine to help you achieve maximum health benefits. Greens-Force and NEW antioxidant-packed Blueberry Greens-Force will help you live the healthy life.

▪ Increase energy & vitality
▪ Adapt to stress
▪ Look and feel younger
▪ Fight the effects of pollutants and other free-radical causing factors
▪ Maintain blood vessel integrity and good cardiovascular fitness
▪ Enhance mental acuity & concentration
▪ Improve vision

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