Organic Traditions Cacao Powder


Organic Traditions Organic Cacao Powder is raw, unprocessed cacao powder.

Cacao is an incredibly rich source of magnesium, with more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine or green tea, and phytochemicals like theobromine and anandamine that boost your mood and energy. Cacao beans were so revered by the Mayans and Aztecs that they were used as money! Cacao beans contain 12-50% fat depending on the variety and growing conditions, and no sugar. Our cacao beans have about 40% fat content, low compared to other nuts. There is no known evidence linking cacao bean consumption with obesity.

The Kuna Indians have traditionally consumed cacao drinks every day.  They do not seem to have age related blood pressure problems on their island.  For more information on studies done on the Kunas, please visit and type in Kuna Indians in their search engine.

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