Natural Factors - Ultimate Multi Probiotic Double Strength

Natural Factors - Ultimate Multi Probiotic Double Strength

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Feature summary

Each strain in the Double Strength Ultimate Multi Probiotic has undergone a stringent selection process. Our L. acidophilus was chosen after studying the probiotic properties of 95 different L. acidophilus strains. Each strain has been carefully selected for natural gastric resistance. Testing each strain shows no loss of bacteria after 3 hours at 37o in gastric solutions at pH3/pH4. The natural pH of an empty stomach is 1.5 and after eating stomach's pH goes up to 5-6. This is critical, as these strains will survive the stomach's acidity without enteric coating and reach the intestines at full potency.

Each strain has been selected for ability to grow in the presence of high bile levels. High growth in the presence of bile also maximizes probiotic potency. Antibiotic compatibility is also important. Strains are chosen so they do not interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics but still protect from their adverse effects.

Probiotics also have been selected for established enzymatic activities. Lactic acid bacteria induce a variety of enzymatic activities that generate multiple additional health benefits. By doing so they may help to prevent several conditions: lactose intolerance, infectious diseases, urogenital and vaginal diseases and immune system deficiencies.

A common misconception is that many strains in the same blend compete with each other and compromise the quality of the product. This is not true. All of the strains in this product have undergone Strains Compatibility Testing ensuring that all bacteria are compatible and work well together. It's practically a given that if numerous strains live well together inside the intestinal tract at 37o then they will also live well together when kept refrigerated at 40. Actually, lactic bacteria are in a dormant phase when refrigerated and are only activated once they are back in their natural environment inside the intestinal tract.