Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Oil

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Oil

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Other oils will be green with envy!

  • Omega 3 & 6.
  • Think chlorophyll when you see hemp oil’s rich, gourmet green color.
  • Cold-pressed with no preservatives or dyes.
  • Drizzle over foods as finishing oil, or add to dressing & sauces.
  • NOT meant for cooking or frying.
  • Must be refrigerated (before & after opening) to protect the precious omegas (except for our hemp oil soft gels).

Hemp oil is a raw, vegan-friendly, whole food containing no additives or coloring. The light gourmet flavor is a great addition to dressings, sauces & dips.

Not too sure how to incorporaste into your daily diet? 
Drizzle over veggies, on pasta or even on your movie night popcorn. We do NOT recommend using hemp oil for cooking or frying as the high temperatures will destroy those precious essential fatty acids.