Dr. Whitaker BP Essentials


What to expect from this product:

  • Reduce blood vessel constriction by inhibiting ACE with Fish Peptide Extract.
  • Achieve proper relaxation and dilation of your artery walls with hawthorn.
  • Support normal blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels with stevia.

This new breakthrough formula begins with the Japanese discovery that fish protein powder (or fish “peptide extract”) effectively inhibits ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme). This is critical because ACE is the enzyme responsible for blood vessel constriction – a key indicator of blood pressure health. By inhibiting ACE, fish peptide extracts have been shown to be highly effective for helping to dilate or expand blood vessels, thereby helping to improve blood flow and support healthy blood pressure.  Dr. Whitaker considers these Japanese findings to be a crucial breakthrough in blood pressure health, and that’s why he’s made fish peptide extract the foundation of his exclusive new formula, BP Essentials

Although BP Essentials is built around this vital breakthrough, it also includes hawthorn and Stevia to promote optimal heart health and circulation.  Dr. Whitaker believes this comprehensive formula is the best, new solution for supporting normal, healthy blood pressure.

Fish Peptide Extract – Japanese scientists first discovered this breakthrough ingredient when they noticed that a traditional Japanese food, dried Bonito fish, had the ability to inhibit ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme). This is crucial for blood pressure health as ACE is the enzyme responsible for blood vessel constriction, which can restrict blood flow and negatively affect blood pressure. Scientists were then able to isolate specific fish proteins that had this activity. Studies in humans have shown that fish peptides are effective for reducing blood pressure in patients with borderline or mild hypertension. The Fish peptide extract in Dr. Whitaker’s BP Essentials effectively inhibits ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme), thereby helping to reduce blood vessel constriction and support healthy blood pressure.

Hawthorn – Dr. Whitaker included this powerful herb and highly recommends you take it because of its ability to relax artery walls – again, helping to keep blood flowing normally. Studies have shown that hawthorn supports many aspects of cardiovascular health and it has been used to help support healthy heart function, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Hawthorn helps to support the health of the blood vessel walls by making them more flexible and relaxed. This helps to improve blood flow and oxygen utilization throughout the body and reduces stress on the cardiovascular system.

Stevia – Used worldwide as a natural sweetener, the preliminary research on this herb suggests it may also contribute to optimal circulation and healthy blood pressure. Research shows that extracts of the leaf relax arteries and help prevent the buildup of calcium on artery walls, which keeps them healthy and flexible and helps to keep blood flowing smoothly. In clinical studies stevia supplementation has been shown to be very effective for blood pressure support, reducing systolic blood pressure by an average of 10 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 6 mmHg. Those are impressive numbers!

Dr. Whittaker’s BP Essentials is a comprehensive formula based on the newest research in the field of blood pressure health. This amazing product provides optimal, natural support for healthy blood vessels and normal, healthy blood pressure.


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