Chaga Works Chaga Pucks


This is a locally owned company in Nova Scotia providing us with chaga.  It is also very convenient to use since it's in small pucks that dissolve in hot water.  There is no need for straining or tea balls.

Chaga (Latin for Inonotus Obliquus) is considered to be King of the medicinal mushrooms ( it really doesn't taste or look like a mushroom at all ). Typically grows on birch trees in the northern hemisphere. Chaga has many health benefits for our body. It has a mild earthy taste when made as a tea.

Chaga Works chaga is harvested from the Acadian Forest in Nova Scotia - pressed into Pucks and ready to use. All the goodness has been extracted from the chaga through a 48 hour heat-water extraction and pressed into convenient pucks. Ready to pop into hot water for a tea, add to coffee or your favorite drink and can even be added to your meal and sauces!

Each puck has .50 grams of 100% Canadian chaga and is sold in a one month supply (60 pucks).

Potential benefits of chaga:

- Anti-inflammatory and detoxifier

- Powerful anti-oxidant

- Promotes cellular health

- Regulates healthy blood pressure and glucose levels

- Promotes healthy cardiovascular and respiratory functions

- Combats digestive problems, gastritis, ulcers, gout, hypertension and blood clots

- Powerful anti-tumor properties and immune-stimulant

- A source of B vitamins and melanin (contributing to youthful, vibrant skin and brain support)

- Aids in energy, mental clarity and improved sleep

- Improves metabolism, especially metabolic function in cerebral tissue

- A sourceof beta glucans, saponins, amino acids, botulin and minerals




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