Bell Lifestyle Virux for Viral Infections



Bell Virux for viral infections:


  • Optimizes the immune system.
  • Helps to reduce the recurrence of cold sores.
  • Battles most viruses.
  • Celebrated wellness herbs and botanical compounds.
  • Scientifically-tested amino acids and polysaccharides.
Are you concerned that your immune system isn't working at its optimal level? Your body is perpetually fighting outside elements to maintain peak wellness, so why not give it some natural nutritional support? Virux is designed to help as it consists of time-honored herbs and renowned natural compounds that encourage a healthy, balanced immune system response.
In this technology-obsessed modern world, it's easy to forget that a wide array of wellness support has always been with us in the form of nature's many gifts. Various plants and foods, ranging everywhere from the forest to the ocean, provide endless ways to encourage our health. When it comes to supporting immune performance, there are certain compounds that stand above the rest -- and they are prominently featured in V-Immune such as Prunella vugaris, Lomatium, Lysine, and much more!
Ingredients: L-Lysine 375 mg, Red marine algae (Carrageenan) (whole) 170 mg, Astragalus extract 10:1 (Astragalus membranaceus) (root) 100 mg, Heal all extract 10:1 (Prunella vulgaris) (fruit) 62.5 mg, Chaparral (Larrea tridentata) (leaf) 18.75 mg.
  • Prunella vulgaris: A perennial flowering herb, Prunella vulgaris, sometimes called heart-of-the-earth, has been used for centuries in various wellness traditions around the world. Research suggests Prunella vulgaris supports the body's natural defenses, in part due to its high content of rosmarinic acid. This polyphenol is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and optimizes well-being. Studies suggest that the compound modulates the immune system and promotes appropriate protective responses.
  • Astragalus extract: This member of the legume family has been a staple of Chinese wellness practices for ages. Studies have noted that astragalus may be associated with optimal immune response, partially because it contains polysaccharides. Research suggests that polysaccharides may help modulate immune response, working to optimize the body's crucial defenses.
  • Red marine algae: A kid of algae that can even be found in the dark, yet vibrant, depths of the ocean, the red marine variety has a long history of use, particularly in Asia. Like astragalus, this form of algae features notable levels of polysaccharides, which both provide energy and support general health.
  • Lysine: An all-important amino acid that the body can't generate on its own, lysine is essential for healthy development. Research has shown that low levels of lysine are associated with a diminished immune system.

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