Bell - Allergy Relief

Bell - Allergy Relief

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  • A dietary supplement to help your body keep histamine reactions in check.*
  • Contains beneficial plant-derived flavonols with antioxidants.*
  • A balanced formula to support comfortable living year-round, indoors and out.*
  • Supports the body's normal immune response.*
  • Not bioengineered | allergen free.* 
  • Reclaim your life!*
  • Must help or money refunded.*

Histamine Balance is a natural, year-round aid that blends healthy phytonutrients that help to optimize immune system health.*

It includes a balance of time-honored herbs that are regularly used in flavorful cooking and are appreciated for their health-supporting qualities. The cherished plants rounding out this outstanding combination are uplifting basil and sage, and calming peppermint and rosemary. The latter herb, as its name suggests, contains notable levels of beneficial rosmarinic acid for a complete histamine balance product.*

Histamine Balance is your ultimate year-round aid for optimizing immune response and maintaining healthy respiration and comfort!*

Results may vary from one person to another.