3 Brains Cloud Nine



Cloud Nine helps promote healthy mood balance by supporting a balanced response to stress, improving sleep and curbing appetite, particularly carbohydrate-rich food cravings. It contains vitamin B6, inositol, 5-HTP, and saffron extract, which together can promote a sense of comfort, contentment, and well-being, without the side effects of prescription medications.

A Great Suggestion for:

  • Anyone looking for support for healthy mood balance
  • Students and adults with busy and/or stressful lives
  • Young adults looking for a “whole body” approach to cognitive health
  • Healthy adults who need periodic sleep support


  • Promotes Healthy Mood Balance
  • Encourages Mental Clarity while Maintaining and Overall Feeling of Relaxation
  • Helps address symptoms associated with workplace Stress
  • Supports Healthy sleep patterns
  • Enteric Coating minimizes gastro-enteric discomfort and optimizes absorption


Adults: 1 tablet 3 times daily with meals.


Vitamin B6.....10mg


Saffron Extract 6:1.....10mg


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