Hernia Repair at Shouldice Hospital


A Personal Recommendation 

I had two hernia repair surgeries last year (2021) at the Shouldice Hospital in Thornhill, Ontario. 

I highly recommend it if you are suffering from a hernia.  I was so impressed by the care and attention of all the staff.   

It’s the most natural way of having your hernia repaired.  They do not use a plastic mesh or general anesthesia.  They also keep you for a couple of days to make sure everything is fine. 

They only do hernia repair and they do it well! 

Here’s some information on the hospital: 

Shouldice hospital is a private hospital that operates in a public health care system.[4] It works solely on hernia repair.[1] It uses a natural tissue, tension free, technique developed during World War II by Dr. Shouldice. The hospital performs hernia repairs on over 6,500 patients a year.[5][better source needed] 

Everything in the hospital is designed toward hernia repair.[1] Shouldice's rooms do not have telephones or televisions, which it says is to encourage patients to walk around while recovering.[1] The hospital is laid out like a "country club."[6] According to the hospital, it has the lowest rate of complications and recurrences of hernias in the world.[2] The success of its method has been cited to the fact that Shouldice surgeons solely do hernia operations.[7